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A Software Engineer Learns to Type

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34 Words per Minute

That's how fast I can type when I only need concern myself with the 'f', 'j', and spacebar keys (and space shouldn't really count). I took a beginners typing test this evening, and it told me as much. I can only assume that my touch-typing in real world conditions would be slightly slower; when I use my odd personal style of half memorization and half hunt-n-peck typing, I'm probably only slightly faster.

This is unacceptable.

I recently read Programming's Dirtiest Little Secret, which made me realize just what an idiot I'm being for putting off learning how to type properly. I'd go so far as to say that it's a major factor in how little writing I do these days: even though I love writing, it's so time-consuming and painful that I avoid it. I wonder how many more posts this blog would have (and how much more code I would write) if typing was no longer a chore.

It certainly seems odd that I don't already know how. I didn't go to a school that required typing proficiency to graduate, and I never took the time to learn. Now I'm in the strange position of being in a career that requires a lot of typing—for communication as well as for raw production—and it's still my biggest weakness. (Feel free to disagree on that point.)

All That Must Change

It seems like I've been on a self-improvement kick so far this week, let me try to keep the momentum going here. I'll post my progress to this blog, and perhaps provide a little commentary on whether I actually begin to notice differences due to the experience.

I'm excited to finally unleash my full potential on the world. cue ominous laughter


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